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Laccetto Badge MK-3709
Laccetto Badge MK-3709

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Laccetto porta badge con bustina in pvc trasparente e laccetto in nylon more
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 Borse termiche Gadget KR-66702  Borse termiche Gadget KR-66702 
Cooler bag lunch, with two comfortable compartments: a lower and an upper, front pocket, adjustable...See More
 Euro 5.20 

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 Orologio gadget KR-77013  Orologio gadget KR-77013 
Clock desk electronic shows the time, date, month, day, the temperature in dual scale. Battery ope...See More
 Euro 5.40 

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 Penna WRC 79169  Penna WRC 79169 
Ballpoint Pen signed WRC, with metal frame red and chrome finishes. Packaging: box velvet. Ink: bl...See More
 Euro 5.50 

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 Penna You Young BO  Penna You Young BO 
Ballpoint pen "You Young" snap-open, metal frame black chrome finish. Packaged in black ...See More
 Euro 5.50 

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 Penna You Young Club  Penna You Young Club 
Elegant ballpoint pen "You Young" with telescopic opening (the pen "pulls" and t...See More
 Euro 5.50 

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 Sac sailor KR-60515  Sac sailor KR-60515 
Sac seafaring made ​​from nylon, comprising large main compartment, side pocket with zip...See More
 Euro 5.50 

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 Thermal bottle holder KR-67207  Thermal bottle holder KR-67207 
Thermal bottle holder in yellow, green and brown interior in white PVC. Top zipper closure, shoulde...See More
 Euro 5.70 

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 Ombrello tascabile KR-80003  Ombrello tascabile KR-80003 
Umbrella bag eight panel, manual opening. metal shaft and plastic handle color silver. Size: diamet...See More
 Euro 5.80 

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 Torcia tascabile nera mini  Torcia tascabile nera mini 
Elegante torcia tascabile in alluminio con custodia in plastica nera, completa di batteria e laccio...See More
 Euro 5.85 

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 Ombrello Golf Gadget KR-80020  Ombrello Golf Gadget KR-80020 
Golf umbrella type made ​​of nylon 190T, with wooden handle, metal tip and automatic op...See More
 Euro 6.20 

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 Borse termiche Gadget KR-66705  Borse termiche Gadget KR-66705 
Cooler bag with shoulder strap customizable white, made of 600D polyester with colors. Size: cm. 3...See More
 Euro 6.30 

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 Torcia tascabile nera  Torcia tascabile nera 
Elegante torcia in alluminio verniciato nero modello CSI, completa di batterie e laccio il tutto in...See More
 Euro 6.30 

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 Calcolatrice Solare gadget KR-76037  Calcolatrice Solare gadget KR-76037 
12-digit calculator in red, according to "TAX" for the calculation and breakdown of taxes,...See More
 Euro 6.60 

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 Penna You Young acciaio  Penna You Young acciaio 
Ballpoint pen signature "You Young Coveri" smooth and made ​​of stainless ste...See More
 Euro 6.60 

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 Orologio gadget KR-74016  Orologio gadget KR-74016 
Multifunction LCD clock gadget in gray (silver) with interchangeable display with your logo / photo...See More
 Euro 6.80 

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 Cooler Bag KR-66704 Parma  Cooler Bag KR-66704 Parma 
Cooler bag made ​​of 600D polyester with customizable colors. Size: cm. 30x31, 5x18. P...See More
 Euro 6.95 

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 Plexiglass port sheets KR67200  Plexiglass port sheets KR67200 
Port sheets with pen holder made ​​of transparent plexiglass. Size: cm. 11,5 x13x2, 5. ...See More
 Euro 7.00 

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 Ombrello Golf gadget KR-80022  Ombrello Golf gadget KR-80022 
Golf giant umbrella made ​​of nylon 70D, with wooden handle maple color. Size: diamete...See More
 Euro 7.10 

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 Ombrello legno KR-80021  Ombrello legno KR-80021 
Practical umbrella eight panel made ​​of nylon 70D with wooden handle and tip and autom...See More
 Euro 7.10 

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 Plexiglass port tape KR67203  Plexiglass port tape KR67203 
Tape holder in transparent plexiglass. Size: cm. 13x7x6, 5. Print Area: cm. 5x2. The price is inc...See More
 Euro 7.10 

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 Plexiglass holder KR67205  Plexiglass holder KR67205 
Business Card Holder in transparent plexiglass. Size: cm. 11,5 x8x5. Print Area: cm. 8x1, 5 on the...See More
 Euro 7.20 

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 Orologio da parete pendolo  Orologio da parete pendolo 
Wall Clock customizable, made of colored plastic with silver colored dial and pendulum. Diameter c...See More
 Euro 7.50 

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 Plexiglass Porta cellulare KR67202  Plexiglass Porta cellulare KR67202 
Cell phone holder in transparent plexiglass. Size: cm. 8,5 x7x8. Print Area: cm. 4x3 on the back. ...See More
 Euro 7.50 

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 Borsa per congressi 79090  Borsa per congressi 79090 
Document bag made ​​of 600D polyester, composed of main compartment with zip, zip, front...See More
 Euro 7.70 

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 Plexiglass Portapenne KR67201  Plexiglass Portapenne KR67201 
Pen holder in transparent plexiglass. Size: cm. 11x10x5 Print Area: cm. 4x3 on the back. The pric...See More
 Euro 7.70 

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 Talking calculator folding  Talking calculator folding 
Folding talking calculator 8 digit clock, made ​​of soft colored plastic. Size: 30x21x1...See More
 Euro 7.80 

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 Borse termiche Gadget KR-67206  Borse termiche Gadget KR-67206 
Cooler bag of yellow, green and brown with white PVC inside. Two pockets with zipper, adjustable sh...See More
 Euro 7.90 

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 Stazione meteo promozionale  Stazione meteo promozionale 
Desk weather station, composed of analog clock, hygrometer and thermometer. Size: cm. 23x7, 8x7, 6...See More
 Euro 7.95 

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 Orologio ufficio dispenser  Orologio ufficio dispenser 
Multifunction desk clock with dispenser clips. Battery and set of colorful clips are included. Siz...See More
 Euro 8.20 

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 Orologio sveglia KR-77005  Orologio sveglia KR-77005 
Table clock with date, alarm and temperature that changes color. Packed in cardboard box. Size: cm...See More
 Euro 8.25 

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 Stazione meteo Gadget  Stazione meteo Gadget 
Desk Weather Station customizable, consists of clock, thermometer and hygrometer separable. Size: ...See More
 Euro 8.30 

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 Polo in cotone KR-83240  Polo in cotone KR-83240 
Polo in cotone da gr.200/m con manica corta, collo e polsini in costina, apertura tre bottoni, asol...See More
 Euro 8.50 

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 Borse termiche Gadget KR-67208  Borse termiche Gadget KR-67208 
Cooler bag of yellow, green and brown with white PVC inside. Two pockets with zipper, adjustable sh...See More
 Euro 8.80 

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 Pen holder clock KR-77006  Pen holder clock KR-77006 
Pen holder / desk clock with multi-function alarm clock and thermometer in ° C and ° F, indi...See More
 Euro 8.90 

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 Orologio da parete KR-74027  Orologio da parete KR-74027 
Wall Clock blue frame, white dial, blue hands, practical interlocking assembly without screws. Batte...See More
 Euro 9.30 

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 Pen holder clock KR-77012  Pen holder clock KR-77012 
Sundial table with LCD display, 2V/10MA equipped with solar panel, shows the time, month, date, day...See More
 Euro 9.40 

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 Solar energy calculator KR-76038  Solar energy calculator KR-76038 
12-digit calculator in white color, function "TAX" for the calculation and breakdown of ta...See More
 Euro 9.50 

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 Penna You Young Red  Penna You Young Red 
Elegant ballpoint pen with rotation opening and metal details. Case pack of red plastic. Ink: blac...See More
 Euro 9.55 

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 Ombrello Hotel Gadget KR-80028  Ombrello Hotel Gadget KR-80028 
Type golf umbrella with automatic opening eight segments, made of nylon pongee, auction allunimio a...See More
 Euro 9.70 

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 Orologio solare KR-74028  Orologio solare KR-74028 
Table clock, re-sealable functions: time, date, day and temperature. Bi-power supply: both solar an...See More
 Euro 9.85 

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 Etilometro Portachiavi Gadget KR-82134  Etilometro Portachiavi Gadget KR-82134 
Breathalyzer Keychain useful to measure the concentration of alcohol in the breath: indicates three...See More
 Euro 9.90 

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 Orologio gadget KR-77014  Orologio gadget KR-77014 
Clock desktop multifunction electronic, silver color on the front and white on the back. Indicates...See More
 Euro 9.95 

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 Ombrello Tascabile KR-80026  Ombrello Tascabile KR-80026 
Elegante ombrello tascabile, cappello di colore nero a sei spicchi completo di pratica custo...See More
 Euro 10.00 

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 Pompa manuale per palloncini  Pompa manuale per palloncini 
Pompa a soffietto manuale per gonfiaggio palloncini. Questo articolo può essere acquistato c...See More
 Euro 10.00 

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 Pen holder clock KR-73053  Pen holder clock KR-73053 
Desk pen holder with clock, alarm, calendar, thermometer, with side drawers open button, batteries i...See More
 Euro 10.30 

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 Zaino office KR-61722  Zaino office KR-61722 
Backpack model "Office" consists of a large pocket with drawstring closure, front pocket w...See More
 Euro 10.40 

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 Sacca a zaino KR-60525  Sacca a zaino KR-60525 
Formidable bag - backpack three-color consists of large front pocket with Velcro closure, front pock...See More
 Euro 10.90 

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 Wall Clock Gadget KR-74026  Wall Clock Gadget KR-74026 
Wall clock square, frame and white hands, background blue dial. Batteries not included. Packed in...See More
 Euro 10.90 

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 Orologio da scrivania color  Orologio da scrivania color 
Clock advertising table with white base, the display changes color depending on the function. Pack...See More
 Euro 11.70 

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 Penne puntatore laser K79144  Penne puntatore laser K79144 
Particular ballpoint pen Multifunction three in one: includes laser pointer, ball pen with blue ink...See More
 Euro 11.95 

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03.Portabicchiere da collo in TNT
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06.Borsa congresso TNT Trendy
07.Spilla da giacca argentata
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